Rural Lawyers

Case short title - Rural Lawyers

Case short description - Reducing the obstacles rural Mainers face in accessing justice.

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Certificate in Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety

Case short title - Certificate in Healthcare Quality

Case short description - Professional training for managing and mitigating medical mistakes.

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The Maine MBA

Case short title - The Maine MBA

Case short description - Flexible graduate business programming for the modern professional.

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Design Thinking

Case short title - Design Thinking

Case short description - Applying principles of design thinking to solve today's business challenges.

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Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy

Case short title - Aqua Entrepreneurship

Case short description - How can Maine's aquaculture industry bloom within the state and beyond?

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Certificate in Information Privacy Law

Case short title - Certificate in Information Privacy

Case short description - Preparing lawyers for careers in the growing field of information privacy.

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PLUS Program

Case short title - PLUS Program

Case short description - Introducing college students of all backgrounds to the practice of law.

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Prisoner Assistance Clinic

Case short title - Prisoner Assistance

Case short description - When people are incarcerated, their “normal” lives get placed on pause--but their legal affairs and loved ones don’t.

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Certificate in Compliance

Case short title - Certificate in Compliance

Case short description - Expert guidance for navigating the modern regulatory landscape.

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