Certificate in GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a burgeoning field offering plenty of professional opportunity — right here in Maine.

The Challenge

The field of GIS is growing rapidly and changing constantly. Academically, GIS is a realm unfamiliar to many college graduates. Does that mean they can’t take advantage of the professional opportunities GIS presents?

The Solution

USM’s Certificate of Graduate Study in GIS is open to professionals already in the field and those who are new to it. Since the early years of GIS technology, Dr. Matthew Bampton has been developing the school’s GIS programming and Maine’s broader GIS community, which has evolved into a cutting-edge hub. 

The Results

From digital mapping to drones, expertise in GIS equips graduates with skills that are in high demand. The Certificate of Graduate Study in GIS trains students in research and application methods, preparing them for careers in policy, business, and science — in less time than it takes to earn an undergraduate degree.

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