Certificate in GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a burgeoning field offering plenty of professional opportunity — right here in Maine.

The Challenge

Many problems and issues have a geospatial aspect. Examples include selecting sites for a building, determining distribution of resources and services, and examining the effect of a policy or its change. To grapple and solve these situations, many people do not have the necessary education and skills. Even if they do, like the examples described, the supporting technology changes constantly. 

The Solution

Either standalone or in conjunction with another graduate program, USM’s Certificate of Graduate Study in Applied GIS offers geospatial education and skills for professionals already in the field, as well as those people looking for opportunities, to address a wide range of problems and issues.

The Results

With direct application of geospatial technology and exposure to cutting edge tools such as drones, awardees of the Certificate of Graduate Study in Applied GIS enhance their current jobs, move along their career path, or enter new opportunities altogether. In all cases, they are making valuable contributions in fields such as economic development, consulting, land and wildlife protection, and town management and services.

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