Certificate in Information Privacy Law

In the digital age, data breaches and cybersecurity issues regularly make headlines, and personal information is a coveted commodity.

The Challenge

Our legal structure must protect privacy rights, while still allowing commerce and innovation to flourish. But who understands these laws, ensures compliance, and anticipates threats to information security? Information privacy professionals–there just aren’t nearly enough of them.

The Solution

In 2017, Maine Law began offering a Certificate in Information Privacy Law, which students can earn in combination with their JD. Through the program–one of only two in the country–students develop valuable legal skills and expertise in a high-profile realm and benefit from a unique partnership with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

The Results

Maine Law graduates are not limited to careers in the traditional practice of law — especially with a Certificate in Information Privacy. Current alums hold positions as Global Head of Data Privacy and Privacy Compliance Coordinator for major international corporations.

Case Studies


At University of Maine Graduate & Professional Center, the proof is in practice.

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