PLUS Program

We believe it is important to open the legal community to people of all backgrounds.

The Challenge

Many communities are not represented in the legal community, especially minority racial and ethnic groups, rural populations, low-income families, and first-generation college students. This absence both deprives the legal profession of qualified candidates and obstructs a path to career success for members of these communities.

The Solution

The PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program introduces undergraduates from these communities to the law profession by teaching them substantive material and by enabling them to form professional connections. PLUS is a three-week residency with a rigorous curriculum mirroring that of graduate law students. It develops students’ oral, written, and leadership skills and informs them about the law school admissions process.

The Results

Students complete PLUS with confidence, skills, and connections–all critical as they continue on their pathway to law school and a successful legal career. At the same time, the legal profession both within and beyond Maine benefit from access to a new pipeline of qualified candidates.

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