Prisoner Assistance Clinic

When people are incarcerated, their “normal” lives get placed on pause–but their legal affairs and loved ones don’t.

The Challenge

Prisoners and their families face difficult circumstances for managing parental rights, probate, and other civil matters. Whether these issues are related to the incarceration or independent of it, they require legal counsel often impossible for prisoners to obtain.

The Solution

Through the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic’s Prisoner Assistance Clinic, student attorneys from Maine Law offer information, advice, and documentation for inmates to represent themselves in civil proceedings. In some courts in southern Maine, the Clinic may advocate on behalf of an incarcerated client who is unable to represent himself or herself.

The Results

The incarcerated are a population often forgotten by society, but not by their families. Student attorneys who participate in the Prisoner Assistance Clinic gain practical experience as lawyers while also reducing the legal burdens their clients carry.

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