Information Privacy Summer Institute

The University of Maine School of Law‘s annual Information Privacy Summer Institute offers a series of courses on critical and current topics taught by top experts in the field. The Summer Institute offers educational opportunities for current law students, practicing attorneys, the business community, and non-legal professionals. 

The Information Privacy Summer Institute will be offered again May 26 – June 12, 2020. A special one-day Privacy in Practice Conference will be held virtually on May 29 as part of the Summer Institute. 

Course Details

2020 Summer Institute Course Offerings
  • Global privacy law
  • Privacy and data security from the consumer’s point of view
  • Healthcare privacy and security
  • Privacy and security implications of data sharing
May 29 conference topics
  • Privacy during COVID-19
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies
  • Implications of AI in human genomics
  • Regulation of AI and big data
  • Educating the next generation of privacy professionals
  • Summer Institute: May 26 – June 12, 2020
  • One-day conference: May 29


Why information privacy?


The Greater Good, produced by the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center, is a podcast devoted to complex and emerging issues in law, business, and policy. J. Trevor Hughes (President and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Adjunct Professor of information privacy law at the University of Maine School of Law) joined us to discuss the growing field of information privacy. You can learn more about the podcast here.

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