Fundamentals of Innovation

Learn the art and science of innovation!

The Fundamentals of Innovation course teaches the principles of “innovation engineering”: a collection of simple, practical processes and tools that you can apply to your work right away – regardless of skills, title or industry. This course offers two days of intensive, hands-on work to apply and learn these new skills with other working professionals in Maine.

Due to the coronavirus situation, we will re-offer this course when appropriate. If you are interested in taking this course in the future, please send us a note and we’ll email you when the new course dates are announced. 

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What you will learn
  • How to turbocharge creativity in any situation
  • How to rapidly solve problems
  • Using diversity in teams to fuel innovation and idea generation
  • How to communicate your innovation effectively
  • How to ensure innovation and strategy are aligned
  • Accelerating success through experimentation and “fail fast, fail cheap” innovation
  • Improving decision making with rapid research

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Two Course Options

Option 1: Fundamentals of Innovation – Innovation Engineering

A two-day introductory course

  • Pre-work
    • Participants complete 4 hours of self-paced video classes before attending the course
    • Participants will get access to the video classes 2-4 weeks before the course
  • Day 1: Create & communicate skills to create ideas
    • How to recognize a Meaningfully Unique innovation
    • How to turbocharge your creativity in any situation
    • How to leverage diversity in teams to create ideas
    • How to align your innovation work with strategy
    • How to communicate your innovation effectively
    • How to build confidence in your innovation using math estimates
  • Day 2: Commercialize & overview of a process to improve any work system
    • How to really do “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap” innovation
    • Best practices for accelerating success through experimentation
    • How to improve innovation decision-making success with rapid research
    • How to make it real with Fail Fast, Fail Cheap prototyping
    • How to understand and improve your work systems

Option 2: Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification

Earn a Blue Belt certification from the Innovation Engineering Institute, a collaboration of Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine, by demonstrating your ability to create, communicate, and commercialize innovation in your work. After completion of the two-day fundamentals course, you can earn the certification within 4-6 weeks.

  • Work with a Black Belt innovation coach
  • Hands-on application of innovation skills and tools to your own real-world projects & challenges
  • Identify and improve a system you work within
  • Create and define an innovation strategy for yourself or your team
  • Gather stimulus from customer insights, market trends, technologies, future trends and academic articles to spark new ideas
  • Use your new skills to create Meaningfully Unique ideas, by yourself or with a group
  • Build a business case for your idea – including a written concept, a math estimate for the impact of the idea, and identification of the initial risks associated with the idea
  • Run three “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap” cycles of learning to reduce uncertainty on the risks of the idea

Topics tackled by previous Innovation Engineering Blue Belts through their certification:

  • A system to reduce errors in a woodworking shop
  • An improved system for gathering ideas & filing patents
  • A better employee on-boarding process
  • A reinvented check-in process for a hotel
  • A software solution taken to a new market
  • A personal coaching service
  • Visioning for a new community center
  • Renee Kelly – Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development, University of Maine
  • Dr. Jason Bolton – Academic Director of Innovation Engineering, University of Maine
schedule and location
  • TBD

(For participants pursuing a Blue Belt certification, additional meeting times will be coordinated with the instructors.)

Continuing Education Units
  • CEUs – TBD
  • Fundamentals of Innovation – Innovation Engineering: $495 – Maine companies only
  • Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certificate: $1,995 (includes the two-day fundamentals course + tools + coaching + certification) – Maine companies only
  • Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certificate: $2,995 (includes the two-day fundamentals course + tools + coaching + certification) – all non-Maine companies

(Can be paid via eventbrite or invoice. If you would prefer an invoice, please email us at

Cancellation policy
  • For the fundamentals course, a cancellation charge of 100.00% will be assessed on cancellations occurring within 5 days of the start of this session.

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