Aquaculture isn’t scary. It’s necessary.

Event date - November 13, 2019

Event title - Aquaculture isn't scary. It's necessary.

Event descriptions - For our Halloween edition, we'll discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the aquaculture industry.

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Collaboration & the Maine Brand

Event date - September 10, 2019

Event title - Collaboration & the Maine Brand

Event descriptions - Hear from companies and partnerships who are embracing the Maine Brand and operating cooperatively to grow and advance their industries.

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Startup Maine 2019

Event date - June 21, 2019

Event title - Startup Maine

Event descriptions - A sponsored panel on entrepreneurship through utilizing under valued or discarded pieces.

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Rise of the Maine Oyster

Event date - May 21, 2019

Event title - Rise of the Maine Oyster

Event descriptions - Exploring the challenges and promise of Maine's growing oyster industry.

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Why Seaweed Matters

Event date - March 26, 2019

Event title - Why Seaweed Matters

Event descriptions - This aquaculture commodity is supporting Maine's working waterfront.

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