Greater Good Webinar: Covid-19 in Rural Communities

July 14, 2020

Covid-19 in Rural Communities: The emerging story

Featured guests:

  • Prof. Erika Ziller (Chair of Public Health at the University of Southern Maine)
  • Deborah Deatrick, MPH (Former Senior VP for Community Health at MaineHealth)
  • Lisa Miller, MPHA (Former Representative to the Maine House of Representatives; Former Senior Program Officer at the Bingham Program)

Webinar overview:

Covid-19 media headlines are often centered around large, urban areas, but rural communities are facing unique challenges in combating the pandemic. To discuss these challenges, we talk with three Maine healthcare and public health experts with a long-standing interest in re-visioning Maine’s public health and rural health systems. They will discuss the rural health challenges before the pandemic hit, what is happening now in rural healthcare and rural economies, and where we can go from here to create a brighter rural future.


Tuesday July 14, 2020

12:00pm – 1:00pm

FREE online webinar



About the series:

This webinar is part of the Maine Center’s The Greater Good podcast series. With the transition to online communication platforms, we have added a webinar component to the podcast series that will focus on Covid-19 impacts and future implications in Maine, the nation, and the global community. The series is comprised of live 1-hour webinars featuring faculty from the University of Maine System and members of Maine’s employer community. Each webinar will be recorded and the “live” audio file will be released as a podcast episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify after each webinar.