100% Fish

March 31, 2021

Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy: 100% Fish

Presented by:

The Maine Center, New England Ocean Cluster, and Eaton Peabody


Featured speakers:


Event overview:

Waterfront communities are beginning to pay attention to the amount of waste generated in fishing, aquaculture, and seafood industries. Across the globe, millions of metric tonnes of seafood is wasted every year. Nearly half of each fish landed and processed becomes a waste product. People are becoming aware of the opportunities that exist for these byproducts to be utilized instead of simply thrown away.


The global cod fishery wastes nearly 60% of each landed fish. Through cooperation and collaboration, Icelandic fisheries have realized the opportunities that their byproducts represent and have tackled the fish waste problem head on. As a result of efforts like the Iceland Ocean Cluster’s 100% Fish Project, upwards of 95% of each cod can now be utilized and diverted from the dust bin. Innovative companies turn heads, guts, tails, skin and more into consumer goods and products in beauty, health, and pharmaceutical industries. All of these full utilization activities translate to a more value for each landed cod, a more valuable fishery overall, and less waste.


The seafood technology industry that grew to support Iceland’s full utilization efforts employs some of the most sophisticated equipment, management techniques, and processing methods in the world. Iceland has become an inspiration to other nations looking to better utilize their own caught species and seafood products. On the panel we will hear from the Iceland Ocean Cluster and a collection of companies driving innovation in this industry.


About the series:

The “Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy” series is hosted by our friends at the New England Ocean Cluster, and presented with Eaton Peabody. The series was created in early 2019 to share the stories of ocean-focused ventures in Maine. As is true with business incubation in general, this series endeavors to give both budding and established businesspeople a platform to share their story, an opportunity to cite particular areas of need, and an environment to connect with a supportive and engaged audience. Each meeting will vary in size and location, particularly as we navigate COVID-19, but all will weave together elements of experiential learning, open discussion, and professional networking into a dynamic session. With this series, we seek to initiate a dialog that is inclusive, supportive of growth, and fostering of strong relationships.



Wednesday March 31, 2021

12:00pm – 1:00pm

FREE online event