Women of the Chamber: Women-powered change

May 5, 2020

Women of the Chamber: Women-powered change – How it looks and why it matters

Presented by:

Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Maine Center is a cooperating sponsor of the Women of the Chamber series. 


Tuesday May 5, 2020

11:00am – 12:00pm

Online Zoom webinar



Event overview:

Lael Couper Jepson of SheChanges is the featured speaker for the next Women of the Chamber event.

What does being a woman have to do with how we show up as leaders, especially during times of uncertainty and transition?

That question—and the drive to answer it—lives at the heart of Lael’s work through SheChanges, her Maine-based coaching and consulting company focused on change powered by women.

Pulling from her own experiences working in a predominately masculine culture/organization and countless stories from her senior-level clients, Lael will touch upon:

  • Why the innate leadership strengths of women are relevant—and needed—now more than ever.
  • The “women’s work” of today—getting out of our own way and getting down to business.
  • Surprising lessons from the field: going rogue, being an outsider, wilding ourselves, and working our magic.
  • Connecting leadership to service: how it super-charges our courage, emboldens our presence, and amplifies our voice.
  • Game-changing strategies to harness your full power—more boldly and unapologetically—as leaders in our world.

A brief Q&A will follow, in the webinar chat. The webinar will be recorded and made available online after the event.