Maine Center Graduate Internship Program

At the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center, we believe that experiential learning, particularly interdisciplinary learning, is critical for student and employer success. Beginning in Summer 2020, the Maine Center will fund a pilot cohort of eligible students in its new Maine Center Graduate Internship Program. This program provides graduate and professional students in the Maine Center’s focus disciplines – law, business, policy (including planning and management), and public health – with work experience that will prepare them for future career success, regardless of the internship host’s ability to pay.


Student eligibility

At the time of application, a student must be enrolled in one of the Maine Center’s partner programs:

  • University of Maine School of Law
  • University of Maine Graduate School of Business
  • University of Southern Maine MBA program
  • Muskie School of Public Service’s MPPM or MPH programs

Applicants must have completed a minimum of one semester of their graduate coursework by the start of the internship. Online students are eligible for funding. Students must be eligible to work in the U.S. Students graduating from an undergraduate program with plans to complete an accelerated degree (e.g., 4+1, 3+3) are also welcome to apply and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Internship eligibility

Students may apply for funding through one of two paths:

  • An internship they have identified and have received advisor and/or departmental approval for
  • One of the internships posted lower on this page

The majority of the internship work must be done in Maine or for a Maine-based organization. Graduate assistantships and internships with University of Maine System entities are not eligible for funding. While all applications from eligible students will be considered, preference will be given to applications that incorporate elements of law, business, and policy and/or applicants who demonstrate an interest in pursuing work experiences that may fall outside the “traditional” career path of someone in their degree program (e.g., a JD student interning for a startup business, a MPPM student interning for an industry group). The Maine Center strongly encourages potential applicants to reach out to the program coordinator to discuss their ideas for an application as early as possible to ensure the proposed internship meets eligibility criteria and to discuss any questions.

Funding support is available in a variety of formats designed to meet the needs of eligible students. Support is available for full-time, part-time, and project-based internships offered during the academic calendar year, winter break and/or summer break, up to a maximum of 400 hours. Unpaid internships or internships with insufficient stipends will be considered for funding.


The Maine Center will host two interdisciplinary networking opportunities for the cohort of student interns receiving funding in Summer 2020: a kickoff and a mid-summer event. These will be optional but cohort members are strongly encouraged to attend. At the end of the summer or early in the fall semester, students will be asked to deliver a brief presentation of their work to fellow students, faculty, and the interested public at an internship showcase event. (If necessary, these events will be delivered virtually.)

How to apply

Applicants should submit the following materials:

  • Application form (completed online)
  • Resume
  • Cover letter explaining how this opportunity fits into your current coursework and future career plans (500 words maximum)

Applications should be submitted to In addition, please inform your program’s internship placement office or department chair that you are applying for this program. A student may submit more than one application if they are considering different internship or project opportunities.

Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis and students will be notified within two weeks of application if their internship has been approved for funding. The Maine Center aims to fund 8-10 internships in Summer 2020 and will stop reviewing applications when the funds have been allocated. In granting internship funding, the Maine Center seeks to balance funding across its partner programs.


Approved applicants will receive $13.00 per hour for up to 400 hours of work (withholding and contributions will apply). The method of payment is still being finalized.

For more information

Rebecca Gilbert, Program Coordinator


Selected Internships


Below is a list of internships that the Maine Center is aware of. Students do not need to apply for one of these positions to receive internship funding support; we merely offer these as options. If you would like to learn more about these opportunities or apply for them, please email the Program Coordinator at

Greenhead Lobster - Sales and Marketing Technology Intern



Greenhead Lobster is a Deer Isle, ME based lobster company that has been in business since 1997.  Focused primarily on wholesale live lobster, Greenhead grew from a small pier in Stonington harbor to a multistate operation buying lobsters from local Maine fishermen and selling to restaurants all over the world.  It is a $60 MM revenue business with a pier supplying over 140 boats with fuel and bait, buying their lobsters, and shipping live and processed lobster all over the world.   Greenhead built a $2MM processing plant in Bucksport, ME in 2018 and also has shipping facilities in New Hampshire and Boston.  Greenhead Lobster gets shipped all over the country and the world, with buyers in 30 states and 10 countries.

Tasks and responsibilities

We recently implemented Salesforce to help organize and gain efficiencies in our Sales process.  There are several manual processes I plan to automate with the software, and a fairly complex integration that needs to happen with Quickbooks to build the best system for optimizing revenue and accounting for costs.  Ultimately, we will have information flow between Marketing, Sales and Accounting systems to create consolidated reports to look at bottom line results and margin opportunities.  We are building a tech stack from manual processes and need to ensure the right foundation in built to solve our immediate and future needs.


  • Manage cross functional needs and requirements to evaluate existing and potential technology solutions with Marketing, Sales, Management, IT, Accounting
  • Document current business and sales processes, including key systems, requirements and pain points
  • Optimize current processes and systems through integration of existing systems and additional plugin to develop cross functional ‘tech stack’
  • Develop ‘blue sky’ roadmap for Greenhead technology to drive efficiency in business, sales and marketing processes
  • Project Manage implementation of changes to existing systems
  • Manage IT budget to get the most value from existing systems and necessary additions


  • Strong multi-tasker, Results driven, Collaborative, Curious
  • Project Management skills and background
  • Sales, marketing, and Martech experience and interest
  • Salesforce, Quickbooks, MS Office


Portland, ME or Stonington, ME

To learn more and apply

To learn more about this position or apply, please email the Program Coordinator at