Career-focused business education

Choose Your Path to Success


Prepares leaders to move through rapidly changing markets with innovation and agility.

Dual Degree

Combine a MBA with another graduate degree to build a unique skillset.


Gain the specific skills you need through a more focused program option.



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The essential MBA founded in real-world practice. Offered in Orono, Portland, and online. Additional options include the MaineMBA in Accounting and the 1-Year MaineMBA.

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Dual Degrees



Complete two degrees in four years by combining your MBA with a Juris Doctor (J.D.). This program gives students the unique skills needed to lead in complex legal and business environments.

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This program is intended for students interested in utilizing business skills in international careers focused on public policy, international service, finance, trade, and development, as well as students envisioning a career in international business and thus needing further knowledge of the global environment.

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For students interested in combining business skills with technological skills in order to meet the demands of the workplace.

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Professional-level education in advanced business topics such as finance, management, or business law — 100% online.

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Enables Maine’s business, not-for-profit, and government sectors to navigate the modern regulatory landscape and enhance their prospects for success. Offered through the University of Maine School of Law.

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