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Three levels of legal education grounded in legal analysis, ethical context, and practical lawyering.

Dual Degree

Combine a JD with another graduate degree to build a unique skillset.


Gain the specific skills you need through a more focused program option.




The JD is a three-year foundation in legal analysis, ethical context, and practical lawyering skills.

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The LLM degree is designed for students and practitioners who have earned a law degree or equivalent qualifications.

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The JSD prepares students for careers in academia, international and maritime law, and public service including international organizations. Combines advanced coursework, research, development of specialized expertise, teaching, and a dissertation.

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Dual Degrees



Combines the JD with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) to equip students with the skills they need to navigate complex legal and business challenges.

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Combines the JD with a Masters of Policy, Planning, and Management (MPPM) to develop the expertise needed to address complex legal, policy, and planning challenges.

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Combines the JD with a Masters of Public Health (MPH) to develop interdisciplinary expertise for the growing fields of regulatory compliance and public health policy.

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Open to current JD students, this certificate builds expertise and skills in a highly sought-after niche of the legal realm — one of only two such JD programs nationwide. Practicing attorneys and current JD students can also participate in Maine Law’s annual Information Privacy Summer Institute.

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Designed for non-lawyers, this certificate enables Maine’s business, not-for-profit, and government sectors to navigate the modern regulatory landscape and enhance their prospects for success.

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Alumni Voices

“The invaluable skills and relationships that I gained during my externships at Maine Law allowed me to start my career in Compliance, which perfectly blends my interests in both business and law. The externship program demonstrates Maine Law’s commitment to supporting a wide array of career aspirations including those that fall outside of traditional client advocacy.”


Rose Cox

JD ’15

Alumni Voices

“My externship experience was eye-opening.  Beforehand, I had a vague inkling that I wanted to practice municipal and land use law after graduation.  My experience cemented that thought.  I was able to convert ideas to practice, to tackle a wide range of real, immediate issues, and interact with city administrators, staff, and citizens, in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.” 


Ben McCall

JD '16

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