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Flexible, customized learning opportunities are more important today than ever before. For people who work full-time, short-form Professional Education courses represent the chance to broaden and diversify professional skills without committing years to pursuit of a graduate degree. The University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center leverages the academic expertise of the university system and close ties to Maine’s business and professional communities to offer practical learning opportunities with real-world relevance.

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Selected Courses


Academics in action. Education in practice.

Information Privacy Summer Institute

Course short title - Information Privacy Summer Institute

Course short description - A series of summer courses on critical and current information privacy issues.

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Certificate in Compliance

Course short title - Certificate in Compliance

Course short description - Enables Maine’s business, not-for-profit, and government sectors to navigate the modern regulatory landscape.

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Design Thinking

Course short title - Design Thinking

Course short description - Application of design tools, skills, and activities to solve real business challenges.

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Additional Programming


More professional development courses are available through the University of Southern Maine Professional Development Program.

For those looking for educational resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Maine Small Business Development Centers and the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs offer in-person and online workshops.